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hey guys I’m Abby char welcome to Abby’s kitchen you asked and I am answering we’re gonna do another review of a what I eat in a day video so I’ve done a few videos where I’ve reviewed freelee the banana girls what I in a day videos and a lot of you have chimed in with some suggestions on other youtubers to review so I saw a lot of requests for fully raw Kristina’s videos so I’m gonna do a review of one of her most recent what I eat in a day so let’s do this so in a lot of Christina’s videos she talks about how she’s not about pushing any particular diet on people but you’re she is peddling her diet app which kudos for being entrepreneurial that’s awesome but I mean this app does cost money so it’s not totally accessible for people a and B they’re talking a lot about the importance of on juice cleanses for nice gradient skin and the importance of eating only organic raw foods which newsflash is kind of sounding like a diet to me Oh Cristina hue the I rule right here so I’m seeing of course one of my favorite nutrition buzzwords detox specifically if she’s talking about heavy metal detoxing switch that’s hardcore but if you have not already watched my full video on detoxes and cleanses I highly highly highly recommend you check it out right here but bottom line guys our bodies are amazing they have all the resources that they need to detox and cleanse every single day we don’t need green juice to do it [Music] oh my god what is up with these portion sizes with these ladies my goodness it makes me kind of anxious and not just watching them drink so much liquid so I am all about the fat cheese I’m so excited to see her make like an all veggie juice that’s really great but like she’s missing out on the fiber the fiber is where lots of the benefits happen that’s what’s good for gut health that’s what’s gonna keep you satiated longer you would feel so satisfied having eaten like a fraction of the vegetables that she just threw into that juice because of all that fiber really does fill you up I think about how expensive that juice probably is you could definitely get away with consuming far less food and therefore saving a lot of money while still getting all the benefits that you’re after had you just eaten the food in its natural whole state I can’t imagine bringing all of that in Tupperware to work with me and like busting out like a party platter for one I don’t own enough Tupperware in order to pack all that up each day not to mention I don’t think I would get anything done in a day if I have to eat all of that I mean think about the jaw work involved if that’s quite the workout and a lot of prep work as well that could probably take you like a few hours just prepare your casual lunch for one for one day know [Music] okay so I’m really excited watching this salad be put together it is absolutely gorgeous the colors the textures this looks like something I would be really excited to dig into however I’m a little concerned that there’s not a whole lot of stay shading components like protein that would really help balance this out to help people eat intuitively I mean when you’re just eating vegetables it’s very easy to just feel like you’re never really satiated because you’re not getting you know a lot of that protein that’s going to help fill you up to help satisfy you so I just want to make sure that people who are watching this at home don’t think that they only have to eat vegetables and that’s gonna be what’s gonna have to fill them up the reality is there’s a lot of other food components that will really do a great job at making you feel your best so that dressing looks absolutely amazing I’m totally wanting to try that myself however that’s a very large portion of salad dressing and it really is just indicative of what a large salad that really is and have we seen some you know good quality slow-burning carbohydrates in there and some protein we wouldn’t feel the need to just be loading up on a massive expensive bowl of vegetables and a very large container of salad dressing yes I love that there’s good fats not tahini and the oils however I would love to see some more protein and some good slow burning carbs in there to help balance it out okay so let’s talk about a few things first of all is Kristina’s day nutritionally adequate so based on our calculations Kristina is getting about 2,500 calories and her macronutrient distribution is 17% from protein 27% from fat and 47% from carbohydrates so Kristina’s diet actually looks pretty good from a macronutrient distribution however from a micronutrient distribution she’s getting about 52 servings of fruits and vegetables a day where the recommendation is between 8 to 10 now I can tell you because I see this every single day most North American adults really struggle to even get the eight to ten servings a day so what I’m seeing Kristina pull off here is really unachievable for most people and not necessarily what I would recommend anyway even though we know that fruits and vegetables are super healthy for us when it’s at this level of extreme more is not necessarily better especially when it’s displacing other really important nutrients and minerals so as a dietician this is why we look at people as an individual because a diet like Christina’s while it may work for her is really inappropriate for a lot of other people so now let’s talk about what Christina is not really getting in her diet so since she’s not consuming any animal products it’s likely that Christina is a little bit low in things like vitamin D and b12 so definitely hoping that she’s taking a supplement and well I don’t really see any greens here she’s definitely getting a lot of fiber from that massive big salad she’s consuming and the veggie platter with the hummus which is great however she’s getting about 93 grams of fiber in her day when the recommendation is 25 grams again I am so all for fiber I’m always telling people about the merits of getting more fiber because most North Americans are just not even getting to that minimum however when you’re looking at the extreme amounts that Christina is it’s very likely that you’re suffering from things like bloating cramping and regularity disturbances so let’s talk about the cost associated with Christina’s diet so Christina actually has a video where she talks about how you can eat vegan for $20 a day which maybe sounds kind of good but actually is a lot that amounts to about $600 a month for one single person whereas the u.s. liberal cost plan suggests that the average female adult spends 327 dollars a month on food so Christina is actually spending twice as much as the average and that’s just not accessible for clearly most North Americans okay Christina so here’s the deal I am 100% all for a plant-based diet however I really think that the diet that you’re promoting based on what I see here is expensive it’s time consuming and is just not balanced I mean there is a lot of ways to do plant-based well and this is just really not it also I think issue somebody who suggests that they are in camp diet culture yet this clean eating detox and cleanse rhetoric definitely appears to people’s relationship with food honestly the whole wellness industry is just the diet in the street with a new coat of lipstick it is still not intuitive it is still restrictive and it is still just another set of rules honestly Christina’s diet has all the makings of a pretty strenuous serious diet and I’m gonna take a hard path so guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give us a thumb up leave me a comment below some ideas for some what I eat in a day videos that you want me to review subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you next time on Abby’s kitchen bye [Music]

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