Possum Invades The Pitch During Mexican League Game, Wins ‘Man Of The Match’

A possum invaded the pitch during a Liga MX match and was hilariously named ‘Man of the Match.’

Wait, what? Yes, that actually happened!

Okay, Puebla defeated Veracruz 1-0 on Friday, but this possum has stolen the show.

In fact, there is a complete breakdown of the possum’s stats!

So, the possum played a total of five minutes and covered 50 metres.

Incredibly, the possum walked away with the Man of the Match award even though it didn’t score the match winner.

Check it out below.

“This will only encourage other possums to do the same for a bit of fame. SMH,” one user wrote on Reddit.

Another responded: “If they keep putting in performances like that I, for one, am okay with it. Great to see representation of such minority groups in the biggest leagues.”

A third added: “Arsenal rumoured to have bid £20m, with options rising to £35m.”

A fourth said: “I read that the stadium announcer asked him to please leave the pitch with the loudspeakers. Ha-ha.”

The possum didn’t wait to speak to reporters after the match, though.

However, there’s no denying that this possum is destined for incredible things in the footballing world.

With such a memorable debut, it won’t be long before we hear that the possum is competing against Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the Ballon d’Or.

Featured Image Credit: Kambi Thandi

Adnan Riaz

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