Rey Mysterio Made An Emotional First Visit To Eddie Guerreros Grave

WWE superstar Rey Mysterio visited the grave of the late Eddie Guerrero for the first time this week.

Mysterio and Guerrero’s careers go side by side, from them tearing up in WCW’s cruiserweight division, winning the tag team titles in WWE and then memorably feuding over the custody of Rey’s son Dominik.

And Eddie’s unfortunate death in 2005 hit Mysterio, his close friend, incredibly hard. For 13 years he could not bring himself to visit Guerrero’s grave because of the memories it brought back but on Monday, the Master of 619 found the strength to head over to his final resting place in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It was emotionally tough for the 44-year old but, in a post on Instagram, he explained how the visit was exactly what he need to help him grieve.

“Eddie has been such an inspiration not only to me but to many & will always continue to do so,” Mysterio wrote.

“I witnessed that day, that future wrestlers who never had the opportunity to meet him took the time to stop by and pay their respects wishing they would [have] had the honor and privilege to have met him & been around him like many of us did! I truly miss you WeeWeeto!”

Rey regularly pays tribute to Eddie till this day, not just by using some of his legendary moves but also sporting an armband with Guerrero’s initials on it.

The Smackdown LIVE superstar’s son (only legally his because of a ladder match which contained a custodial contract) is also training to be a professional wrestler and made his old man very proud by performing Eddie’s signature roll into the ring.

Viva La Raza…

Josh Lawless

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